You never lose, either you win or you learn

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our philosophy

Aren’t retreat centers, lifestyle coaches, spiritual mentors and experience experts popping up like mushrooms? To the annoyance of some people (which we kinda get). Because why is everybody suddenly a spiritual mentor or a coach? Long story short; because there is a high demand. Because many of us feel lost, hurt and broken and we need healing. Together with everyone out there trying to make this world a better place, we will contribute to the pursuit of that goal. Creating a hub where people can connect, share and grow.


it’s not healthy if there is no balance

We are big fans of self development, being introspective, structured and disciplined. But it’s not healthy if there is no balance. Life must be lived to the fullest. You don’t do that by solely obeying to your tamed, civil side. You also have to let your inner wild child run free sometimes. Let your hair down and dance underneath the stars until the sun comes up. 


We create retreats from our own experience, that will help you to restore the balance between those two sides.


the villa

Our villa is situated in the spectacular surroundings of the Barranco Blanco; a hidden gem with crystal clear water and a broad variety of flora and fauna. During the summer months (June-October) it’s prohibited to drive down the river if you are not a resident. This makes it even more exclusive for you as a guest to enter

our secret paradise.


luxury & nature

We believe that personal development is best reflected in a low-stimulus environment surrounded by all the splendor Mother Nature creates. If you combine these elements with a certain level of luxury, you facilitate the right amount of headspace for someone to surrender and focus on your own process.

We provide an experience in which attention is paid to every detail. This is reflected in our personal approach, stylishly decorated rooms, the luxurious facilities and food for the soul. Think; handwritten notes, soft towels, eco shower products, freshly cooked Instagrammable meals, a jacuzzi with mountain views, a beautiful infinity pool, cozy outdoor corners lit with romantic lights... Well, have you drifted off to retreat wonderland already?

discover more about the villa
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meet the team

Hi there, we are Cees & Anna. Two Dutchies who swapped the concrete jungle of Rotterdam for a much greener one in Spain. Our friends would probably describe us as people who suck the marrow out of life. Bon vivants in the purest sense of the word. That’s also how we met, celebrating life in Rotterdam’s nightlife. Always surrounded by a group of friends for whom we gladly organized (dinner)parties. The more the merrier, because happiness is doubled when shared!


a shared past in hospitality

Our shared past in the hospitality industry probably won’t surprise you. Anna studied at the Hotelschool The Hague for a while and during her studies she always worked in restaurants with great pleasure. However, at some point she swapped slinging beers and crowded terraces for a career in online marketing. 

When Cees got his first job in the hospitality industry, he never expected to stick around for so long, but it grew on him! As soon as the art of creating the perfect beer head was second nature for him, he began to gather knowledge about fancy wines and learned to make gin&tonics in endless varieties and tastes. Life was good… Yet something was missing. It lacked sparkle…

sharing is caring

So in 2018 we took a leap and moved to Spain. For 4,5 years we ran a glamping resort in the mountains of Alicante. Being in nature, surrounded by animals, experiencing a more slow way of living absolutely changed us for the better. It made us decide to find a way to share this experience with as many people as possible; through retreats.  


creating from our own experience

So together with our 5 dogs, we continued our journey and found this beautiful villa which we called La Kookaburra (the laughing bird). For our year round program we join forces with a great network of inspirational entrepreneurs. We don’t pretend to have a monopoly on wisdom, but we create from our own experiences. Together with everyone out there trying to make this world a better place, we will contribute to the pursuit of that goal. Lifting each other up, and sending ripples of change out into the world. 

Get inspired

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