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To escape the ordinary and explore the extraordinary. Our retreat center is the perfect place to restore balance between your inner wild child and your tamed, civil side. Together we connect, share and grow. Lifting each other up and sending ripples of change out into the world.

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Retreats for everyone

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When it comes to the beautiful adventure called life, everyone has different needs, desires, challenges or pitfalls. That’s why we organize all sorts of retreats; from yoga retreats, to more sporty retreats, and from super chill retreats to an inspirational workation. Something for everybody’s liking and needs.

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Organize a retreat

Do you have a great program in mind and do you want to collaborate with us organizing a retreat? Or do you just want to rent our villa and organize your own? Let’s join forces!

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Some days I am a goddess. Somedays I am a wild child. And some days I am a fragile mess. Most days I am a bit of all three.

- S.C Lourie
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